The stories are from survivors of World War II. From a Jewish girl being

given away at age 2 to save her from Auschwitz, fighting in Bougainville,

and Guadalcanal, the experience of being black in our army and navy during

this time period. From love stories to fi ghting across Europe and even being

captured on the fi rst day of the Battle of the Bulge, seeing the new German

jets shoot down the B-17 fl ying in front of your own Flying Fortress, earning

as many medals as Audie Murphy and not being awarded the Medal of Honor,

and being surrounded by sharks for 5 days, being on board a ship that is

breaking in half in a typhoon. And coming home to a small Tennessee county

that has been taken over by a corrupt political machine. All true stories about

our Veterans of World War II, their heartbreaks, and their accomplishments

told by the Veterans themselves.