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 I am a volunteer veteran advocate and author of

 The Veteran Next Door book, Stories from World War II, Vol. 1  1939 to 1946

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I am not a veteran myself but I take a keen interest in veterans’ affairs. I explain my fascination with the cause in my poem “I Never Was a Soldier,” one of several pieces of poetry that has been a part of my radio show, The Veteran Next Door.

 Our Mission

The Veteran Next Door’s mission is to locate, communicate with and entertain Active Military Personnel and Veterans of all Services. We encourage open communication to those leaders and all veterans as we create an open forum among all veterans to communicate between Veterans and non-veterans.

A tribute for all service personnel

I Never Was A Soldier
By Randall Baxter

I never was a soldier,
But I played one as a child.
History was good to me.
I grew up free and wild.

No frozen feet, or jungle sweat,
Or bombs fell on my head.
There were always soldiers,
While I slept in my bed.

A fireman in a blown out hole,
Held a flag and cried a tear.
A soldier walked right up and said,
“I’ll take that from here”!

And now they find the mass graves,
Of those who were not free.
Where were THEIR soldiers,
Like the ones who work for me.

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